Jul 7, 2016

could not execute command 'lessc' odoo 9.0

Well ... odoo installed properly and running well on local server. However after creating a data base and successfully logging in, the odoo appearance got weird error message informed could not execute command 'lessc' spending couple hours for googling and various suggestion did not work properly
Understanding the error
'lessc' is the clue whats the error, odoo depending very much one node-less ubuntu and red-hat have package named node-less but gentoo dont't have it. When installing nodejs we have nmp package merged bu USE flag. Use this to install less package
# npm install -g less
# ls /usr/bin
lessc -> ../lib64/node_modules/less/bin/lessc
Restart odoo-server and check with your web ... the error msg will be gone
That's it

Jul 6, 2016

Odoo 9.0 on Gentoo 13.0 OpenRC

OKAY .... systemD is very popular init system, which will be the star of almost all linux distro in the future. I have been long time user of OpenRC and familiar with this. At least for my personal computer a T430 Lenovo Laptop and H3050-Lenovo Desktop. I stay in OpenRC running Gentoo Linux. Odoo (Open ERP) gaining high popularity lately and millions users NEED this kind of suite . I believed odoo will be must have application for most office and business at any size. Searching in the internet ... pages of tutorial how to install odoo community version which is Free of Charge, the source reside on git repository
The following tutorial I used for reference in installing odoo on my local computer for learning and developing purpose. The only different is The Linux Distro. Most tutorial for installing odoo 9 on ubuntu (14.04) and some pages for CenTOS. Need working hard to find the tutorial for Gentoo.
  1. Openies Odoo 9 Installation Tutorial
  2. Odoo 9 install turorial by Linode
  3. Official Odoo 9.0 Documentation
Art of Choice
As mentioned on the odoo documentation, there are many options to install Odoo 9
  1. Using Installer Scripts by ANDRE SCHENKELS which is NOOB PROOF
  2. For someone who will learn to familiarize with odoo 9, using Andre's scripts will be best choice. Andre's brilliantly automate odoo 9.0 installation with a single scripts works flawlessly on ubuntu 14.04 which is also using OpenRC. The page clearly mentioned for ubuntu 14.04 and similar deb base distro under OpenRC. User can modified if wanna to install other version i.e odoo v8.
  3. Installing by ubuntu (debian base distro) and rpm base distro via their respective repository
  4. This option will also NOOB PROOF and safe time. But I personally did not check if the repository provide other odoo version other than 9.0.
  5. Manual Install
  6. Bit effort, with some confusion and need to read some tutorial, the page by Openied and Linode are recommended. Installing on similar distro just follow as is
Odoo 9.0 on Gentoo system
  1. Gentoo system (mine is multilib) since I need this machine to get rid with CyanogenMod 13.0 rom
  2. Apache web server (dunno this is mandatory or NOT, I have it since I need to set virtual host also)
  3. Goodwill, time, energy, internet connection
Creating a system user with $name odoo home directory /opt you can choose any path I choose /opt due to in my system /opt have own partition
My system
genT430 [/store] ###
[root] 05:08 PM Wed Jul 06 ># df -H
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 30G 6.7G 22G 24% /
devtmpfs 11M 0 11M 0% /dev
tmpfs 1.7G 857k 1.7G 1% /run
shm 8.4G 546M 7.8G 7% /dev/shm
cgroup_root 11M 0 11M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda2 30G 2.8G 26G 10% /opt
/dev/sda1 62M 3.9M 59M 7% /boot/efi
/dev/sda4 99G 21G 73G 23% /droid
/dev/sda6 59G 7.2G 49G 13% /home
/dev/sda5 98G 33G 60G 36% /store
tmp 8.4G 873k 8.4G 1% /tmp
vartmp 8.4G 29k 8.4G 1% /var/tmp
none 8.4G 13k 8.4G 1% /run/user/1000
# useradd -r -m -U -b /opt/ -s /bin/bash odoo
merge postgresql on stable system portage provided postgresql-9.5 which is well accepted by Odoo 9.0
emerge --ask dev-db/postgresql look into default USE flad enabled : Odoo required ldap ssl enabled, if no ... edit your USE flag. Postgresql will running, set and work out of the box, nothing special configurations needed.
postgresql having default admin user postgres we need to log in as postgresql admin to create a user database with access to create and drop databse on odoo system.
command # su - postgres
ensure that you have log in as postgresql user named postgres, see below the user changed from root to postgres
genT430 [/store] ###
[root] 05:45 PM Wed Jul 06 ># su - postgres
genT430 [~] ###
[postgres] 05:45 PM Wed Jul 06 >#
as postgres admin user execute command
# createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt odoo
Enter password for new role: ********
Enter it again: ********
# exit
NOTE : remember this password, it will be very useful for further configuration
Get required libraries (if you don't have it already)
emerge -DNuvp dev-python/pip libevent libxml2 libxslt nodejs sasl wkhtmltopdf git look : if all USE flag have been satisfied just merge accordingly
Once all libraries satisfied, execute this command
#cd /tmp && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/odoo/odoo/9.0/requirements.txt && pip install -r requirements.txt downloading some libraries required by odoo 9 as mentioned on file requirements.txt
... just wait and ensure no any error
Log in as odoo user and grab odoo 9.0 system on git hub
#su - odoo -s /bin/bash
in my case the root user changed to odoo user in the odoo home directory, see below
genT430 [/store] ###
[root] 06:08 PM Wed Jul 06 ># su - odoo -s /bin/bash
genT430 [~] ###
[odoo] 06:08 PM Wed Jul 06 >#
as odoo user grab the system by cloning from github
#git clone https://www.github.com/odoo/odoo --depth 1 --branch 9.0 --single-branch .
don't miss the DOT after word --single-branch[space]DOT if you were do copy and paste
It will take a while depending on your speed of internet connection ... just relax, get coffee
Configuring Odoo System
Note by default, path of odoo server configuration is in /opt/odoo/debian/openerp-server.conf
We need to copy the file and changed ownership and permission for only odoo user
# mkdir /etc/odoo
# cp /opt/odoo/debian/openerp-server.conf /etc/odoo/odoo-server.conf
# chown odoo: /etc/odoo/odoo-server.conf
# chmod 640 /etc/odoo/odoo-server.conf
We set the configurations is writable by odoo user and readable by odoo and root users
Modify file /etc/odoo/odoo-server.conf
Pay attention at addons_path=... by default addons_path = /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openerp/addons
modified to
Thus if we will add any modules to main system, just put the module in addons directory to make main system clean and free from polltant for easy update
Installing init scripts
This script for easy start and stop odoo-server and set to automatic starting where neccessary, since the scripts is for debian, need minor modifications for Gentoo. Note : I modified script from Openies India thus credit for them DOWNLOAD INIT SCRIPT FOR GENTOO HERE safe anywhere in your /home/user/directory
Extract the file and put in the directory /etc/init.d/ thus you wil have file /etc/init.d/odoo-server
execute command to change the permission and ownership
# chmod 755 /etc/init.d/odoo-server
# chown root: /etc/init.d/odoo-server
Just share this is only different from debian script, due to distro dependant
#. /lib/lsb/init-functions (debian/ubuntu)
. /etc/profile (gentoo)
. /etc/init.d/functions.sh (gentoo)
function _stop() {
start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --oknodo
rm -f $PIDFILE
openies script..>
function _stop() {
start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --oknodo --retry3
rm -f $PIDFILE
N=/etc/init.d/$NAME (openies)
N=/etc/init.d/$DESC (Gentoo)
Make log file for odoo
# mkdir /var/log/odoo
# cd /var/log/odoo
# cat > odoo-server.log
# ctrl+c
Modified file odoo-server.log file
# chmod 755 /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
# chown odoo:root -R /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
execute command >
# /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.5 start ..... (to start postgresql server)
# /etc/init.d/odoo-server start .... (to start odoo-server)
To ensure odoo system run as expected... check by command >
# tail -f /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
If look everything good .... just open your browser and navigate to
Your browser will prompted with :

If No.... then there is something wrong with the installation
Small Trouble shouting
Server Not Running at all according to browser
Pay attention to file /etc/odoo/odoo-server.conf
; This is the password that allows database operations:
; admin_passwd = admin <---
db_host = False
db_port = False
db_user = odoo
db_password = False
addons_path = /opt/odoo/addons
xmlrpc_port = 8069
odoo by default using port 8069 puting xmlrpc_port = 8069 just to ensure odoo using this port
Firefox Browser
Firefox (AFAIK) have feature to always add prefix www or suffix DOTcom sometime this will prevent you to access localhost..... Disabled this feature from about:config or DOWNLOAD VIVALDI BROWSER
odoo server installation
Sometimes we are in doubt and have no clue, whats wrong with all failure of odoo running, the odoo itself, configurations or init-scripts. The best way to test is : change to odoo user ( su - odoo -s /bin/bash) navigate to odoo directory /opt/odoo and execute command >
[odoo]/opt/odoo # ./odoo.py Odoo server should running on ... you can access from browser
Automate Odoo server start
# rc-update add postgresql-9.5 default
... adding postgresql to runlevel default...
# rc-update add odoo-server default
... adding odoo server to runlevel default...
# rc-update add apache2 default
... adding apache to runlevel default
Have nice odooing ..

Jul 3, 2016

Hello Plasma KDE 5.5.5

Have been long time jailed into Gnome world. Decided to grab Kde-Plasma on the nice lappie Lenovo T430, not really powerful but 1600 x 900 screen on 14" display look good. Need to learn and read pages on internet to understand the Plasma. Be sure, it is worth spending Ramadhlan holiday by build great desktop system on Gentoo. I have tried, ubuntu gnome 14.04, Eelementary OS 0.2, ArchLinux and finally falling back to Gentoo I faced struggle on dealing with system D considering the system will powering a piece of laptop, switched back to stable OpenRC save a lot of time and energy.
  1. Mysterious local hostname
  2. dhcppc2 mysterious hostname suspected coming from bugs of NetworkManager, turn to WICD, the hazzle gone. But I faced another problem, connection to home wifi router regularly disconnected, every 15 - 20 minuted. I have to recompile several time and reconfigured WICD, no lucks, problem persist. Unmerged WICD back to relly on wpa_supplicant and finally decided to build wpa_supplicant with GUI enabled, thus USE flags, qt5 must be disabled and enable qt4 WPA Gui running smoothly and almost no single problem. I don't think I will connect to wired network with this lappie, thus WPA GUI is suffice. Alternatively I used DHCPCD-UI built with qt4, but this piece of GUI must run as root to work properly in my system. Then I stick with WPA_gui.

  3. SDDM, LightDM but No KDM
  4. By default on Gentoo e-builds, kde-plasma/plasma-meta grab sddm as display manager, with USE flags : consolekit enabled as well as XDM. From some reading, the best way to start a Desktop Environment is the DE itself. In several occasions, Plasma DE did not start after log in, screen just blank and nothing can do, thus I need to log in to terminal either rebooting the machine or start DE manually. It is not the way GUI should working.
    by disabled USE Flag : -sddm portage will grab lightDM, nothing wrong with lightDM, but I believed to developer team, by choosing SDDM, they must have good reason. Thus I will stick with SDDM. The solution is to disable consolekit USE flag in merging SDDM and XDM and back to old fashion using startkde ini .xinitrc file .... LOL
    I did not read release Note, but do not know the reason they dropped KDM on kde-plasma, KDM is heavy but cool.
Overall KDE Plasma is great DE ... I think better than Gnome 3 ....

Jun 29, 2016

Real Multilib Userland on Linux

Read multilib requirement on Android rom building and other stuff. About two years absent from getting rid with android rom. I have time to set and dating agin with android rom compiling festival. Firstly, setting-up build environment on Linux distro, ubuntu is the star of android rom compiling world. The critical point is the host must be multilib linux system. I do not well understand linux, since I just a lover and common user. I think by having precompiled 32 bit library in the 64 bit system will be annoying if the package version di not match. AFAIK, Gentoo is one the "easier" linux distro provided opportunity to have consitence system where 32 libs running congruently with 64 libs in a system.
Funtoo News provided very comprehensive reading material, and the article have been TWO YEARS old .... LOL.
Thus by setting USE Flag in /etc/portage/make.conf, by adding ABI_X86="32" system will merge all package nicely and build all package in dual libs. The reason only adding ABI_X86="32" instead of ABI_X86="32 64", my system is amd64 multilib, thus ABI_X86=64 is explicitly build in the system. Good bye emul-linux-x86-* stuff which sometimes blcoking, messing system. Many thanks for the smart developers. After building everything on dual libs, android sdk, android studio and rom source went flawlessly

dhcppc2 a mysterius hostname on OpenRC Gentoo 13.0 Plasma Desktop

I face annoying problem with localhost, Gentoo system 13.0 desktop/plasma profile with OpenRC set hostname to genT430since the setting to the box not finished yet, connection to home router via wpa_supplicant on wifi (No wired connection). After "considering everything set-up. Network manager activated, and nightmare coming. All application via plasma menu, Can Not Run at all, log back in into terminal and found hostname changed to dhcppc2 guessing ... it's coming from dhcp ( ver 4.3.3 ) upgrade dhcp to 4.3.4 but the problem persist. Sure everything run normally by changing hostname in /etc/conf.d/hostname with dhcppc2, editing /etc/hosts and stuff to follow mysterius hostname.
Browsing on the Net ... many users in various distro (fedora, archLinux, ubuntu) faced same problem. But NO COMPREHENSIVE solutions, using keywords to obtain higher version of NetworkManager, gentoo did not provide it ... I did not want to hunt in overlay space. Current solution is surrender to given hostname dhcppc2. I was bit lucky since the mysterious hostname constant to dhcppc2 which many users faced worse with uncertain hostname among dhcppc0 - dhcppc9
..... continue investigating and will update one upon a time .... LOL Solution
I used dhclient and caused got dhcppc2 hostname re-merge network manager, change USE flag from dhclient to dhcpcd; edit /etc/dhcpcd.conf >
option domain_name_servers, domain_name, domain_search, host_name
change to COMMENTED
#option domain_name_servers, domain_name, domain_search, host_name
hostname [empty]
changed to
hostname YourHostname

Jun 27, 2016

Bare Minimum Plasma-Desktop by Gentoo 13.0

LTS Ubuntu 16.04 have been released 2 months ago, I personally loved stable version on any application software. A new used box Lenovo T430 handed. What is the purpose of this laptops (?), very important to determine before buying a computer machine, since we must consider what Operating system and application will be sit in the box. As long time linux user, there is no other options, I must install Single boot Linux. It has been ambiguity to choose Linux Distro. Gentoo is my favorite meta distro all time, but I also love ubuntu.
The Box
Lenovo T430, Powered by Inter 3rd gen i5 3320M @ 2.60 Ghz, 2 x 8 GB DDR3 RAM INSTALLED, 320 GB SATA 3 storage, NITS Display with 1600 x 900 screen resolution in 14" LCD. Distro Choice
By choosing ubuntu 16.04 I'm on the stability consideration. I wish the box will be a box for Office Work Station, Listening Music, Watching Video, else, Android Rom Compiling, Tweak Smart Phones, and Little software development on odoo frameworks. But for some folks, ubuntu 16.04 is not stable enough
Software Landscape
Operating System Testing
Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 with Linux Kernel 4.4.0 amd64
Application Installed
  1. Ubuntu base system
  2. Bare Minimum Plasma Destop
  3. Libre Office 5.1
  4. Firefox and Vivaldi Browser
  5. Krita, Gwenview, Inkscape, Ksnapshot
  6. VLC and Clementine Music Player
  7. Set of Tools for Android ROM development
  8. Android Studio IDE and Android SDK
  9. Odoo version 9
  10. Xterm, Konsole
  11. Dolphin File Manager
  12. Telegram and Whatsie IM
  13. openjdk-8-jdk, openjdk-7-jdk
I have tried ubuntu 16.04 installing by using net-boot, everything just fine "just work" as expected. From base system (command line), very nice to pick bare minimum Plasma Desktop from KDE up by typing # apt-get install plasma-desktop ubuntu will grab 601 package with SDDM as default in 14.04 the similar phrase will grab 630 package with lightDM as default in 14.04 phrase # apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop, will grab 664 packages. with KDM as default. ...... Testing "Kubuntu 16.04" for 4 days.
In fact, I always want to back to Gentoo for any reason, but installing gentoo always paint, learning some article about shinny ArchLinux the Golden son of Gentoo. I have no time to learn command of New Distro, then back to grandFather .... Gentoo Linux. The most reason my return to gentoo is, OpenRC, I did not search a lot, but default ubuntu 16.04 with K-Plasma using systemD. Gentoo offering nice profile Desktop/Plasma with OpenRC. No doubt systemD is nice and great modern init system ... I just wanna to stay in the comfort zone and wish to enjoy shinny Plasma.
I keep ubuntu up for comfortable in installing Gentoo, chrooting from ubuntu will be less hazzle and comfort, and I have prepared the partition accordingly in 320 GiB SATA HDD
/dev/sda1 EFI Partition 65 MiB mounted /boot/efi
/dev/sda2 EXT3 30 Gib mounted / [gentoo root]
/dev/sda3 EXT3 30 Gib mounted / [ubuntu root]
/dev/sda4 EXT4 60 Gib mounted /home [shared gentoo and ubuntu]
/dev/sda5 EXT4 98 Gib mounted /store [for storing any file including gentoo portage]
/dev/sda6 EXT4 99 Gib mounted /droid [for android and odoo development]
/dev/sda7 SWAP 512 Mib
It was old fashion to prepare 2 x RAM for swap. NOTE : I don't like hybernate, just suspend to RAM. Just Imagine by having 16 GB RAM, the rule of swap 2 x RAM = 32 GiB ??? No way.
The most reason returning to gentoo linux for someone who do like Android ROM building and other stuff to Android is the preference, linux host must be amd64 profile multilib. Gentoo provide emul-linux-x86-*. Installing [SEPARATE] x86 [ abi_x86_32 ] libs on 64 bit system, will decrease performance, due to difference version of a package. Example you have package aaaa-v2 on 64 but binary package only provide aaa-v1 on 32. This will creating a bottle neck. I did not find a better way from gentoo to make all package on the similar version with capability to run in 64 and 32. In this case, the power of portage will help, since the distro compile everything as you need. Portage Power
Portage have USE Flags \multilib \ and option ABI_X86="32 64" with this feature enabled, everything package required "multilib" will be compiled congruently in 32 as well as 64, thus bottle neck flush out from out system. System will be stable and consistence.

Jul 22, 2014

Moto G dan My403 MyPhone Kompetisi Device Murah

Memutuskan untuk membeli Motorola Moto G Dual XT1033 (Gsm Global Version) [Code Name FALCON] . Tidak diragukan lagi ini salah satu "Best Budget Phone 2014". Dengan Mata Uang Rupiah Indonesia. Lazada mematok Harga 2.240.000 (Juli 2014). Review di berbagai situs Internet, menyatakan pemilik device ini sangat puas dengan Performa dan Harga. Saya tidak ragu menyatakan, Lazada melayani pelanggan sangat memuaskan. Order di Hari Minggu 21 Juli 2014 Pukul 08.00, barang diterima di Bekasi Senin, 22 Juli 2014 Pukul 16.00.

"Stiker Pengembalian Barang" adalah salah satu fitur menarik dari Lazada, ini akan sangat mempermudah bila barang yang diterima ingin dikembalikan oleh Pembeli.
  1. Budget Phone
  2. Dikategorikan sebagai "Budget Phone" Motorola Moto G Dual XT1033, sangat memuaskan, meskipun tidak lepas dari faktor subyektif. Ukuran screen 4.5" buat saya sangat cocok, berbeda dengan TREND 5" screen yang saat ini membanjir di Pasaran, ukuran layar 4.5" sangat cocok dalam penggunaan dengan "satu tangan", juga nyaman dikantongi.Untuk masa ini Handset Moto G XT1033 terlihat mungil namun kokoh dan elegan. Performa sangat bagus, dan Motorola menanamkan Android 4.3 update ke 4.4.4. Plain Android tanpa User Interface khusus sangat digemari kalangan "Hacker".

  3. Moto G Dual vs MyPhone My403
  4. Menyandingkan kedua Handset ini tidak terlalu fair, namun keduanya bermain di kelas yang sama, terutama dalam hal "CPU" Moto G dengan MSM8226 dan My403 dengan MSM8225. Berikut Perbandingannya :

    Harga Rilis
    CPU Clock
    CPU Core
    Screen Size
    Screen Resolution
    Anti Gores
    SD Card Slot
    SIM Card
    OS Rilis
    FOTA Update
    Factory ROM
    Warna Tersedia
    Moto G Dual XT1033
    Motorola Inc / USA
    Rp 2.240.000,-
    Snapdragon 400 MSM8226
    1200 Mhz
    Dual (2)
    2070 mAh
    4.5 Inch Diagonal
    720x1280 PX
    Gorilla Glass 3
    1024 MB
    16 GB
    Tidak Ada
    Dual : 3G / 2G
    5 MP Belakang / 1.3 MP Depan
    Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
    Android 4.4.4 KitKat
    Google Android
    MyPhone My403
    CV. International Trading / INA
    Rp 899.000,-
    Snapdragon S4 MSM8225 QRD SKU5
    1024 Mhz
    Dual (2)
    2000 mAh
    4.5 Inch Diagonal
    540x960 PX
    Tidak Ada
    768 MB
    4 GB
    Up To 32 GB
    Dual : 3G / 2G
    8 MP Belakang / VGA Depan
    Android 4.0 ICS
    Touchwiz Like

  5. Diskusi
  6. Sebagai "kolektor", saya tidak ragu-ragu untuk memilih Moto G Dual sebagai device untuk dipergunakan sehari-hari, alasannya terlalu personal, saya sangat menyukai "Plain Android" besutan google. kapasitas RAM 1024 MB dibanding 768 MB.
    Tanpa mempertimbangkan "Kesukaan", dan anda sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membeli HandPhone buat mendukung Komunikasi sehari-hari, Tanpa Ragu, Saya menyarankan untuk membeli MyPhone My403 ; Perbandingan Harga Rp 2.240.000 vs Rp 900.000,- sangat bermakna . Kedua Device memiliki Kualitas Suara (Menerima dan Mengirim Panggilan Telpon) hampir setara, Smoothness (kecepatan) memang terasa berbeda, namun perbedaannya sangat tipis, Moto G terasa lebih smooth, namun bisa jadi beberapa USER tidak mampu merasakan perbedaan tsb. Moto G membawa Nama Besar vendor Motorola, engineering device sangat bagus, rapi, artistik dan kokoh, sementara MyPhone My403, dengan desain menjiplak iPhone 4, terlihat Indah, namun tidak terasa kokoh. Kualitas Plastik keduanya mirip, hanya saja Moto G terasa lebih lembut dengan doft tekstur, dibanding My403 bertekstur Glossy. Tombol Power : Moto G disamping kiri device, sehingga sangat nyaman untuk penggunaan sebelah tangan, sementara posisi tombol power My403 disebelah atas device, dan ini tidak mudah dijangkau dengan sebelah tangan, tombol power Moto G juga lebih soft. Secara umum Moto G Dual, lebih segala-galanya, namun kelebihannya tidak sebagaimana Harganya, Selisih Harga sangat mencolok : 100% berbanding 248%. Tantangan karena menghemat sebesar Rp 1.340.000,- dengan membeli My403 : Ketidak tersedianya FACTORY ROM yg bida diakses publik, user terpaksa harus datang ke service center bila device mengalami masalah software dan tidak dapat diselesaikan dengan "Factory Hard Reset". Saya meragukan apakah Vendor (Notebene bukan pabrikan) juga memiliki stok Factory Rom, dengan Harga Jual Rp 900.000,- per Unit, saya tidak Yakin intertec akan sanggup memberikan layanan garansi sampai titik "Tukar Device".
    Moto G Dual, sudah terjamin oleh kebesaran Nama Motorola dalam hal Garansi. Device ini juga menyuguhkan informasi jelas, dalam Hal Hardware. Sebaliknya MyPhone My403, sesuai hasil investigasi kecil kecilan : USB Diidentifikasi sebagai Media Tek, Main Board Diproduksi oleh Ahong Digital Communication Co Ltd dengan Komponen Media Tek, CPU Qualcom Snapdragon S4 MSM8225. Dalam GSMHosting Forum. RIFF Jtag bahkan belum mampu melakukan Factory ROM Flashing terhadap device "Campuran" model ini. Artinya "Tukang Servis" kelas Tinggi dengan Perlatan lengkap sekalipun tidak akan mampu melakukan Perbaikan, bila device mengalami masalah dengan "Software", padahal ini hal paling sering mudah mudah terjadi

  7. Kesimpulan
  8. Atas Nama Penghematan : Saya tetap merekomendasikan memilih My403 dibanding Moto G dual . Resiko menjadi kesal, atau marah karena layanan purna jual sang vendor, sebanding dengan Penghematan yang bisa dilakukan. Kecuali anda sangat "Konsen" dengan "Hak Cipta" (Hak Kekayaan Intelektual), My403 adalah "Disaster", desin fisik menjiplak iPhone 4 Apple, Antarmuka Software menjiplak Touchwiz Samsung. Namun perlu saya yakinkan, kerusakan device tidaklah terlalu mudah My403 tergolong "bandel", saya melakukan berbagai perlakuan kasar saat mencoba menemukan cara rooting, namun device My403 tetap beroperasi dengan mulus tanpa gangguan. Satu-satunya kelemahan mencolok pada My403 adalah Battery Door, konstruksi pengunci sangat lemah, sehingga sering :"terbuka sendiri" bila device dibawa dalam kantong depan celana Jean.

... buat warga Indonesia : Selamat berlebaran, Baju Baru, Sepatu Baru, Hand Phone Baru dan ..... PRESIDEN BARU

could not execute command 'lessc' odoo 9.0

Well ... odoo installed properly and running well on local server. However after creating a data base and successfully logging in, the od...