Mar 24, 2013

B2G Firefox OS Alpha

Firefox OS Alpha 2 release ini General is very good OS. Believed on her Official Release, this OS will be great on BUTTONLESS DEVICE like Galaxy Nexus, since Nexus S still have hardware button, the only HOME hardware button work. "Back Soft Button" in the app on top location will hard for a Device More Than 4 inches display size, since most user using only ONE HAND for phoning, setting, browsing ... etc. Thus good idea to move "Back Button" into lower part of app / device.
I did not do some speed test .. or else, in general the app still laggy and feel too slow for modern OS. However the appearance is intuitive. Personally I do like Windows Phone Model Tiled appearance, this looks cover whole face of device, not with a Wallpaper , since wallpaper is not really important thing to tweak device appearance. Application lay out is preferred by most user. I personally wanna to use this nice Firefox OS on Crespo as daily device, but I can not find any chance so far to SYNC my Contact with Google Account ... well this is Mozilla Decision to accommodate user's Google Account OR NOT , sync Contact so far only available with Facebook Account ... I do not have facebook account.

Firefox OS Alpha on Crespo

Good idea to flash and test for someone who has a device supported by Firefox OS, it is nice, Zero chance to brick device and easily can come back to Android at anytime. Flash Via CWMR / TWRP Jelly Bean For Crespo my build for someone testing Firefox OS and wanna to back to android

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